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Say Yes to Hiring a Wedding Planner

One of the best decisions I made during the wedding planning process was saying yes to hiring a wedding planner. At first I thought I could handle everything on my own. I enjoy planning, don’t stress easily, and thought I’d be just fine working out all the details. I figured with so many family members, I could assign everyone a few little tasks and everything would fall into place. The big picture seemed to be coming along nicely… where we were going to get married, the band that would play, the food we would eat, the order of events, but then as I started diving deeper into the little details, that’s when I realized I needed at least a day of coordinator.

Who would cue me to walk down the aisle? I didn’t want a close family member missing out on enjoying the moment as a guest or experiencing their special role as a loved one in our day. Who would make sure every vendor showed up and everything was in place before the ceremony? Who would light all the candles on the tables before the reception? I started to realize there were too many little things that I didn’t want to put someone in charge of that should be celebrating with us, not working.

I decided to hire a day of coordinator that helped us rehearse our ceremony details the night before. We met in person for the first time right before our rehearsal dinner and she was a calming presence that put our minds at ease. She also helped answer questions by email and video chat leading up to the wedding. Doing this as a living made it easy for her to answer questions we had like how many cups or bottles of water do we need.

During the wedding day, she showed up in the morning and made sure everything was set up. I remember driving off to our first look and driving by the tent seeing everything in place looking better than I imagined it would. After the wedding she even took care of all the clean up. It’s definitely one of the best decisions we made and I would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding to at least have a day of coordinator. You won’t regret it!