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We're Engaged! Now What?

Getting engaged is usually one of the biggest surprises of your life! Usually it’s one of the easiest questions you ever face when you know you’re with the one and can’t wait to plan your life together. So you’re caught in this whirlwind you always imagined would happen, but could never quite plan for how you would feel! I always had the idea that I would be engaged and be married, but had never given much thought to the details of actually being engaged. Besides now having to refer to your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” as your “fiance,” there’s a lot to be done!

We first face-timed our closest families members, then we went out to get our nails done. Yes, “we” got our nails done. When he asked what I wanted to do, I realized I wanted to be able to show off this beautiful ring in style. Nails had to be done, of course. He also got his first (and only) manicure. Then we went out to see an awesome band to celebrate (more details on that later).

We were out of town and woke up the next morning, had breakfast in bed, and set out on our road trip back home. Since I’m a get on it kind of girl, I was ready to start planning right away and used that road trip to start brainstorming wedding details. I think choosing the venue is probably one of the best first steps to having a foundation you can work from to plan the rest. We were fortunate that choosing a venue was an easy choice for us. My grandparents had a beautiful vacation home in the Colorado mountains with the perfect backdrop. We called up my grandpa on that drive and asked if we could host the wedding at his house and if he would officiate for us. With a yes and a yes, we were off to a great start and had the freedom to choose any date we wanted.

For us, having that venue chosen really helped get a foundation started to plan the rest of the wedding day. We were lucky too that the venue would be free for us (although there were many costs involved that we didn’t realize at first). Of course, before you start looking, you’ll want to have an idea of what type of budget you have. I know for many couples it’s not as easy as it was for us to decide our location, so I’d suggest getting out there and viewing venues as soon as you can. Certain venues also book up quickly, so if you fall in love with a particular setting, you might have to work your dates around their availability. Once you’ve chosen your wedding location, your daydreams start to become a little more vivid and you’re ready to start filling in the rest! 

Let us know in the comments what your first steps were when you got engaged!