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Where to Start When Hiring Wedding Vendors

The pressure of hiring people to support you on what is to be one of the biggest days of your life can be an overwhelming amount of pressure and tough to know where to even start when hiring wedding vendors. I began researching all of the services I would need and then researched the average costs of each service. Based on what was important to us, we set our budget accordingly. Some services we decided we would splurge on, and others we would lower our expectations.

For us, music was incredibly important so we decided we would do whatever we could to get a live band out there that we liked. With such a beautiful natural setting, we decided we would cut costs on things like decor, fancy seat covers with bows, and nicer china.

We were planning an out-of-state wedding so we really had to rely on the internet to find vendors. Being so far away, we didn’t have the benefits of learning from word of mouth. I started googling businesses in each category, checking out their websites, reading reviews, and looking through lists of local options on sites like Wedding Wire.

Things I really appreciated finding on websites included pricing, work examples, photos, clear descriptions of services, and reviews. Being brand new to entering the world of all that is wedding, I had no idea what to expect as far as pricing for services. It really helped me figure out what could work in my budget when vendors shared their pricing info on their website so that I didn’t have to waste my time or get my hopes up if they were way out of our price range. Our videographer, for example, had his pricing up on the website for all of his different packages and it felt very fair knowing what you were getting up front was the same for every client. Examples of work and photos were incredibly helpful too as you’re trying to visualize every little detail for your day. Of course, without having any world of mouth or firsthand experience with these vendors, it was so helpful to read reviews of other positive experiences. I can’t imagine planning an out-of-state wedding before the internet!