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Optimize Page Titles and Descriptions

In this post we will be looking at how to optimize page titles and descriptions to help rank above the fold. It has been proven that people spend 80% of their time on a website above the fold! Ranking high in search engines isn't quite enough. You want to have attractive and click-worthy titles and descriptions. Your content can be excellent, informative and helpful, but you may not get clicks all because of poor page titles and descriptions. Every detail counts. Every post and page should be given a lot of attention and care. Below are a few important tips to get started.

1. You are allocated 70 characters in your page title. Anything more will get cut off with periods.......... Not only does this not look good, it may result in the loss of a click because the reader may not want to bother trying to figure out what the title is supposed to say.

2. Include your focus keyword early in the page title. People typically scan the first few words of the title.

3. Keep things accurate - your page title should lead to a page that would be expected by the reader (don't mislead your viewers).

4. Be as clear as possible - your reader should have a pretty good idea of what the post is about within the first sentence or two.

5. Powerful titles - some say that your page titles need to be emotional or dramatic. I wouldn't say that it should always be emotional and dramatic but adding an irresistibly click-worthy page title can't hurt!

If you spend a lot of time researching topics and asking search engines questions, you have an idea of what people typically search for. i.e. Maybe I would search something like "how to make french toast". I'm sure this is a very popular search phrase in Google. The point here is to think of what people may search for the related topic. Write clean, focused and optimized titles because people like that and when people like something, Google takes note of it. Don't forget to check out the SEO Page Optimization Tips and how Google + can improve your SEO posts.