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Will Blogging Help Improve SEO?

Will Blogging Help Improve SEO? YES! Let's look at the basic reasons as to why your company should have a blog.

People will understand you or the company more. Blogs are naturally interactive and if someone stumbles upon a post on your blog, they may like it. If they like it, they are most likely going to share it.This eventually creates a domino affect and leads to more traffic, which leads to your site ranking to go up. According to Hub Spot, companies that run blogs experience 55% more website traffic and 70% more leads. In addition, 57% of companies obtained a customer through their blog. These statistics will not apply to your business unless you have a good and active blog.

Having a blog is an extremely powerful SEO tool because every post is treated as a new "page". For example, if I have a website about animals and I decided to start blogging and one of my posts was "How to train your dog", the page would be: Not the best domain name of course but you get the picture... That page will always be out there especially if your content is good! It's basically another opportunity to rank high rather than just having 5 static pages (Home, about, services, portfolio, contact) that just sit there with very little change as far as content goes. Search engines like to see frequent updates and fresh content. Blogging takes care of that. Take advantage of using rich keywords in your post title, URL, body, and images.

Here are a few SEO tools that are great for starting off or just simple convenience.

1. HubSpot - This all-in-one marketing software gives you tips and information for your site and how to improve it.

2. There are a number of good SEO plugins for WordPress out there. WordPress SEO by Yoast (my personal top choice) & All In One SEO Pack are both excellent plugins.

A lot of people make assumptions when it comes to blogging, keywords and SEO. Sometimes using common sense can work well but it's highly recommended to use the Google Keyword Planner tool (formerly known as Adwords Keyword Tool).

Keyword Planner is like a workshop for building new Search Network campaigns or expanding existing ones. You can search for keyword and ad group ideas, get historical statistics, see how a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together. A free AdWords tool, Keyword Planner can also help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns. Whether you're new to online advertising or an experienced pro, you can use Keyword Planner to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign. via - Google

We all know the phrase "Cash is King" and in the world of the web, you should know "Content is King" as well. Google have been around for a while now and they are a smart company. Their Search Engine is so sophisticated and has an algorithm that knows how to display accurate results. They display good results to viewers and this is why people mainly use Google compared to other search engines. So, if you post good content onto your site and blog well and consistently, Google will likely increase your ranking.

Here are a few extra tips that can help you moving forward:

  • Are the topics relevant to your business and audience?
  • Does it answer a question or help with something?
  • Is it interactive? It should be worth talking about.
  • Be creative by adding photos, videos, tutorials and interviews.
  • Have a bank of ideas stored. Set time to brainstorm ideas and document them because you will forget.
  • Focus on your headline or post title as this is crucial in your viewers decision to continue reading or move on.